Operation: Costume Party

Alright, listen up hosers, Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means: it’s time to eat our weight in candy plan the perfect costume. Now, if you’re anything like us, you would much rather spend your hard earned dough on actual clothing and just skip the whole sexy (insert vegetable, mineral, or animal) polyester costume scene. In fact, you’ve probably also decided to nix the scary costume route as well (you know, since the world is already pretty terrifying on its these days?). Halloween has always been an amazing time to walk around the block in another person’s shoes (and collect candy at the same time! Man, Halloween is the best…), so this year why not utilize what may already be in your closet and go as one of 2016’s many inspirational lady bosses? Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Welcome to the Bey Hive


dress  |  shoes  |  hoops

Hold up, you don’t love Bey like we love Bey (jk, you probably do). Besides being one of the greatest albums of all time (imma let you finish, but…), Lemonade also gave us fashion inspiration for daaaays. We know we’ll never possess even a fraction of Beyoncé’s swagger, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be attempting some intense choreography this Halloween.

This little Rey of sunshine


dress  |  joggers  |  belt  |  boots

Listen, anyone who rescues herself, beats up on that dramatic windbag Kylo Ren, AND helps blow up yet another evil floating ball of doom is pretty much aces in our book.

Crank it up to Eleven


dress  |  jacket  |  sneakers  |  tube socks  |  wig

This one is bound to popular this year, but can you really blame us? A legit to excuse to stuff our faces with junk food while not speaking to anyone? Sign. Us. Up. We never thought we’d look forward to donning a blonde wig, but hey, Stranger Things have happened.

It’s so weird being our own role model


trench coat  |  skirt  |  earrings

Of course, we couldn’t invoke the spirit of Queen Bey without also channeling our inner Beyoncé Pad Thai. In addition to being hilarious and relatable, The Mindy Project has always been a huge source of wardrobe envy for us. All of those incredible colors and prints have inspired us to step up our game. You know what they say, watching a little Mindy a day makes your closet a fun place to play.

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