So we all know that you can get some pretty cute (and crazy, in a good way) clothes and accessories on loan from Le Tote, right? Right.

But did you know you can also get cute (and probably also crazy, in possibly less good ways) MATERNITY clothes on loan from Le Tote? WELL YOU CAN.

I tested this out for myself back in August (aka back when I clearly didn’t NEED them yet, as I was solidly in the who-keeps-feeding-that-girl-burritos phase), and I really liked it! Here’s my bullet pointed take on the situation:


  • I loved all of the items I received in my tote (well, with the exception of a scarf – it was beautiful, but hopelessly static’d to itself).
  • The clothes were RIDICULOUSLY comfortable – especially a pair of harem-style lounge pants that I wore literally every single day the tote was in my possession (just not in public. You’re welcome, believe me).
  • You had the option to select non-maternity completer items, like this pink suede jacket, which is excellent because things like maternity jean jackets and cardigans are a freaking joke – who is buttoning those things anyway? And why exactly do I want to stretch something over my belly, button it, and run the risk of breathing just a little too heavily and shooting buttons at unsuspecting coworkers when everything inevitable goes to hell?
  • There’s a pretty interesting and fashion-forward selection of items to choose for your tote.
  • Not having to wash/clean/otherwise care for your items (just throw them in the bag dirty and ship it off!) is preeeeeetty sweet.
  • You have the option to keep any item in the tote if you just can’t be parted from it (though, of course, you have to pay for it).
  • For maternity wear (aka stuff you’re not wearing forever), it’s nice to be able to add flavor to your potentially limited wardrobe without having to buy a billion new pieces.


  • Let’s be real, the price: about $55 per month. For many people I’m sure it’s totally worth it, but I found it hard to justify that cost along with the price of items I desperately needed (like jeans, and everyday work clothes, and PJs, etc).
  • Again with the price: I fell IN LOVE with the lounge pants they sent me, but I balked at paying over $80 for fancy sweatpants. The other clothing items were similarly priced… or more. Maybe I would spend that on normal clothing, but DEFINITELY not maternity gear.
  • It’s possible that the selection of clothing was a little TOO fashion forward – I would have appreciated more options for work (like dresses or skirts) and a few more special occasion outfits that didn’t feel too revealing (hint: I do not want cutouts when I identify so strongly with this majestic creature).

So my verdict? It’s a pretty cool service, and one that I might use if I ever decide to have another kid to keep my closet fresh…. but for right now, I want to focus my finances on building a basic maternity wardrobe I feel good about. So I packed my tote back up, and said goodbye for now.

(Except to the earrings. I kept those. $16 well spent).
jess7 jess5 jess4

Dress: Le Tote 

Jacket: Le Tote

Earrings: Le Tote

Shoes: Target (similar)


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