If I Were A Bell


The trouble with loving fashion and wanting to keep up with all the latest trends (well maybe not all, I’ve never looked great in a platform boot…so let’s say at least 75%) is that trends, like people, come and go so quickly here. What that often means for me is by the time I convince myself a trend is worth hoping on board for, it’s already sailed off into the sunset of “that is so last season”.

But every so often, a trends comes around and I fall in love. No hesitation, no “will I still wear this in 6 months?” negotiations, just pure, unaltered, head over heels infatuation. And right now, that trend for me is bell sleeves. Whether on a dress or a top, long or short sleeved, flutter or massive, I am here for it! I honestly can’t tell you what first sparked this crush (and really, isn’t that one of the great mysteries of love?), but I don’t see it fading anytime soon. So, I will gather my bell sleeves while I may and pray this trend sticks around, because no matter what, I will be swinging in it!



jeanne-fbc-j-crew-striped-ruffle-sleeve-t-shirt-gap-1969-black-skinny-jeans-steve-madden-leather-booties-loft-round-keyhole-sunglasses-fall-fashion-bell-sleeves-6jeanne-fbc-j-crew-striped-ruffle-sleeve-t-shirt-gap-1969-black-skinny-jeans-steve-madden-leather-booties-loft-round-keyhole-sunglasses-fall-fashion-bell-sleeves-1jeanne-fbc-j-crew-striped-ruffle-sleeve-t-shirt-gap-1969-black-skinny-jeans-steve-madden-leather-booties-loft-round-keyhole-sunglasses-fall-fashion-bell-sleeves-9jeanne-fbc-j-crew-striped-ruffle-sleeve-t-shirt-gap-1969-black-skinny-jeans-steve-madden-leather-booties-loft-round-keyhole-sunglasses-fall-fashion-bell-sleeves-3Top: J. Crew

Jeans: Gap

Booties: Steve Madden (Similar)

Sunglasses: LOFT

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