Jess’s September Budget


Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee – Target – $11.99

Softspun Marl Sweatshirt – Gap – $30

Crewneck Tee – Gap – $17

White Tee – Target – $7


Ok guys. For one pretty big, obvious reason, my budget posts are going to be a little wonky for the next few months. I’ve hit the point where “normal” clothes aren’t really an option anymore, so I’ve had to start really trying to build up my maternity wardrobe. It’s important to me that I feel confident in my clothing, and I clearly need an entirely new wardrobe that encompasses both winter, holidays, AND work, so I’m going to be setting my strict budget by the wayside for right now. I’m trying not to overspend (case in point: I’ve been living off of one pair of jeans, one pair of black ankle pants, and one pair of leggings for 2 months now), but I make zero promises about sticking to $100 a month!

This month was all about the tops. I grabbed a couple basics, and a couple feel good items. Tees can go under cardigans, so they’re super practical, but sometimes you just need a snuggly sweatshirt (that doubles as a tunic for right now, hooray!) and some plaid. It feels so good to once again have clothes that fit AND look the way I want them to!

Stay tuned for next month to see if I manage to find myself another pair of pants, or if I’m resigned to doing laundry every other day until the end of time…

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