Stuff We Like: September


Mascara primer: Gets us one step closer to the illusive goal of looking like you’re wearing falsies without all the work (or the crazy glue that fuses your fingers together!)

Hot apple cider: Fall. Duh.

Fun socks: When did we decide as a society that socks had to be boring? Stand up to the masses and rock some patterned socks under your fancy adult boots, it can be our little secret.

Pop Culture Makeup Collabs: Whether its MAC’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collection (set phasers to STUN-NING) or youtuber Lilly Singh’s special liquid lip shade (slaying the game like a #LadyBAWSE), we’re big fans of wearing our fandom in our hearts and on our faces.

Dinosaur Cookie Jar (AKA T. Rex-that-whole-package-of-Milanos): Target – Making our dreams a reality and our bank accounts a black hole since 1902. (Note – We know we don’t disclose our ages, but just to be clear, we are not 114 years old, Target is).

Kimonos: Great for letting your inner Steve Nicks fly free (Real talk: if anyone can actually fly, we are 90% certain it is Stevie Nicks).

Fall Nail Colors: We are suckers for a ruby red, a sapphire blue, or even an emerald green nail and this season is all about showing off those jewel toned digits!

Will & Grace Reunion: Not to get political here, but let’s be honest, things are getting a bit scary out there and anything that can bring us a moment of joy is well worth a watch. Will & Grace was must-see TV back in the day, and we love that they used their humor and sass to convey a powerful and much needed message. And a chance to revisit that little bit of nostalgia is always welcome!

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