No But Seriously, I Love These Shoes


While the focus of my last post was only jokingly on my shoes, I actually did really want to talk about how much I adore them. Guys, they’re plaid! And not only are they plaid (arguably my favorite pattern), they’re BURGUNDY plaid! Which means that they fit seamlessly into my unapologetically burgundy and jewel toned fall wardrobe (look, even my Fitbit is on board). 

I’m not buying a whole lot of interesting statement pieces these days (for good reason), so finding fun new accessories that stand a fighting chance of still fitting me 6 months from now is about as good as it gets. And finding fun new accessories that blend in with my favorite scarf and fall wardrobe? Well, that’s just priceless (or, um, $16.99 at Target. Close enough!).


jess2 jess3 jess9 jess12

Scarf: Old Navy (similar)

Top: Gap 

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Target


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