Be Our Guest: Basic-ally Badass

Well ladies and gentleman, Facebook made it official yesterday: Fall is here (even if the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet). According to time honored tradition and the internet, it is now time to stash the sundresses, bust out the Basic Girl basics, and start taking PSLs intravenously (it leaves your hands free to instagram all those changing leaves, obvi). Today on the blog, our friend and fellow fall enthusiast, Melanie, drops mad summer-to-fall transition wisdom (hint: it involves layers) and puts her own unique stamp on what it means to be Basic.

XO, The Committee


I love fall. I love anything and everything that smells, looks, or tastes like fall. Especially Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I love scarves, I love boots, and I love sweaters. And flannel, I could not operate in this world without flannel.  In short, I love being basic. And I am not ashamed. I refuse to let other people’s perceptions of basicness influence my love and adoration of all things cozy.


Now, that being said, I also firmly believe in making things your own. And boy, do I love skulls. And jewelry that looks like animals. And combat boots. So that’s what I’ve done here. Basic gone a little badass.


I’ve paired my lovely leggings from the basic girl’s favorite store, Target, with a maroon plaid shirt from Torrid, the plus-size girl’s favorite store. I like this shirt especially for the beginning of fall, when it’s cold in the morning and afternoons, but it can get a little warm during the day. It’s a thin cotton, which gives the look of flannel we’re all trying to achieve without the heaviness of actual flannel. Which is a killer when dealing with aforementioned temperature fluctuations. No one likes to sweat. Save yourselves. Hence the tank I’m wearing under this shirt, so if I get too toasty I can ditch out of the shirt and still look “decent” and not “get arrested” and stuff. Layers save lives, people.


Now, onto the basic staples. The vest and the scarf. The scarf is another Torrid score, and I thank the god of fashion every day that there is a store that sells cute as hell clothes in a variety of sizes AND caters to the Emo kid that lurks beneath my surface. Like I said above, I flipping love skulls. The vest is fleece lined, like everything worth having in life that is also from Old Navy. The vest is another one of those layering staples I firmly believe in. LISTEN TO ME. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. DO NOT BE CAUGHT OUT APPLE PICKING OR AT A PUMPKIN PATCH ON A DAY WHERE IT’S A LITTLE BRISK, BUT NOT LIKE, SUPER BRISK SO YOU WEAR A JACKET BUT YOU THEN REALIZE YOU’RE GOING TO BE TOO HOT AND SO YOU LEAVE THE JACKET IN THE CAR BUT THEN YOU GET DOWN TO YOUR CHOSEN HARVEST AND YOU’RE COLD BUT YOUR JACKET IS IN THE CAR AND YOU’RE TOO LAZY TO GO AND GET IT BECAUSE YOU’RE TRYING TO GET SOME REALLY FIRE EMOJI INSTAS FROM THIS EXCURSION AND YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT ON THOSE, DO YOU? DO YOU? Layers. Save. Lives.


To top off this delightful ensemble (pronounce ensemble in the French fashion to get the full effect), I’ve got my hella cute bunny ring and some lurvely Black Diamond studs. Black, like my soul (props to Carrie Bradshaw on that one). Add in my favorite zipper and stud detailed combat boots, some A-List red Essie nail polish, a cat eye, a burgundy lip, and a give-em-hell attitude and you’ve got my take on basic.


Top: Torrid (similar)

Vest: Old Navy (similar)

Leggings: Target (similar)

Scarf: Torrid (similar)

Boots: Torrid (similar)

Bunny ring: (similar)


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