Wake Me Up When September Ends

Emily3Ahhhhhhhh, September… It’s that time of year again where we all try to convince ourselves that pumpkin spice lattes are just what the doctor ordered despite the fact that it’s still 90+ degrees outside. Yes, the transition from summer to fall is always an awkward one. You try to trade your brights for jewel tones and your linens for flannel, but the weather definitely has other ideas. One day will be cool and breezy and the next? A sweltering sweat swamp that turns that cute new fall outfit you’ve been dying to wear into a error in judgement you will probably die wearing. I realize I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m not exactly excited to bid farewell to summer because it means saying hello to temperatures that won’t stop falling until spring rolls around again. Sure, I’ll start incorporating some fall fashion into my wardrobe here and there (this faux leather skirt is going to get quite the workout this fall!), but I refuse to get all excited about it until at least October. Summer ain’t over until the bird boned, lizard lady sings, kids. So, what do we say to the gods of weather?



Skirt: Target

T-shirt: Target

Hat: Target

Shoes: J Crew Factory

Emily from FBC- Target Who What Wear faux leather birdcage skirt, modern romance NOPE tee, mossimo gray wool floppy fall trend hat, jcrew factory d'orsay red tassel flats

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