That Monday Kind of Feeling



For most of us, today isn’t a “real” Monday (hooray for Labor Day!), so we don’t have to worry about it right now, but… we all know that Monday feeling, right? I’m talking about that “I’m already mad that I have to get up at a reasonable hour and go to work, now you’re telling me I need to wear actual clothes, too?” feeling. That one where your whole closet feels uninspiring and blah.

You might be tempted to throw on a bunch of black and call it a day (I certainly wouldn’t judge you if you did – let she who has not dressed monochromatically for laziness’s sake throw the first stone). But what about putting on a bunch of black, and then topping it off with a brightly patterned completer piece? I’m not entirely certain what possessed me to buy this colorful kimono-eqsue piece (other than a vague sense of oooo, tassels), but it has saved my bacon on more than one occasion by turning an otherwise boring-as-dirt outfit into something a little more interesting. So here’s to you, random Target impulse buy, for encouraging me to step away from the darkness and into the patterns.

Jess3 Jess2 Jess1 Jess8 Jess6

Tank: Target (similar)

Pants: Gap (similar)

Kimono-esque-thing: Target (similar)

Boots: Sam Edelman

Earrings: Le Tote (similar)


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