The Emily Starter Kit: Fall Edition


Well guys, it’s officially Fall. What’s that? The Autumnal Equinox isn’t until September 22, you say? Poppycock. Everyone knows that 12am on September 1st, sandals magically become booties and lattes turn back into pumpkin spices! While I’m not as keen on fall as some people I know, there are a few choice wardrobe items that I miss once summer rolls around. So in honor of the changing seasons, here’s a short list of things I can’t wait to bust out once the temperature decides to dial it down a notch.


Blankets For Your Face


UGH. I love me a good blanket scarf. They manage to combine everything I love about scarves (looks super cool, is basically a fuzzy statement necklace) with everything I love about blankets (soft, warm, built in nap pillow). Between oversized sweaters, leggings, and blanket scarves, fall is basically one giant pajama party and I am so ready to RSVP for it.


GOAL FOR 2016: Keep experimenting with different ways to wear them (and I feel like I probably own more than one person needs so maybe try not to buy more?).


Colonel Mustard


As an extremely pale person, I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that there are just some colors I shouldn’t wear. Blush… Peach… most pastels really (unless I want to look like a naked zombie). I had always assumed that yellow was in that same boat, but then mustard spread itself all over my life and became my favorite bright for fall. Sure, I wear this cardigan year round, but it frankly just doesn’t play as well with my summer clothes as it does with my fall wardrobe.


GOAL FOR 2016: Squeeze more mustard into my wardrobe and experiment with new color combinations. Just how far can you push mustard before it looks like a couch from the 70s?


Tights, brah


I’m not going to lie to you guys, I wish I could wear tights all year round and not look like a crazy person. It’s virtually impossible to dress appropriately for the sweltering sauna outside and the arctic tundra indoors (Trust me- I’ve spent the last week at work swaddled in a winter coat). But the return of fall means the return of tights and that makes my chilly gams glad.


GOAL FOR 2016: I’ve pretty much mastered black tights (be they solid or patterned), so this fall I want to add new colors and patterns into the mix


Palette Cleanse


You can blame it on the falling temps or the changing leaves, but once fall arrives my wardrobe tends to dramatically switch gears from Rainbow Bright to deep jewel tones and even deeper (i.e. black) neutrals. While the part of me that’s queen of the bird boned lizard people adores the intense heat of summer, my (not so) inner Wednesday Addams yearns for the chance to wear all black all the time. Fall is the perfect opportunity to hit reset on my wardrobe and lean on neutrals for a little bit.


GOAL FOR 2016: Maybe try not wearing black so much? Brown and navy are neutrals too, you know.

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