Jess’s August Budget


Boots – Nordstrom – $79.90

Cardigan – Gap – $30.97

Shoes – Target – $14.53

TOTAL: $125.40


Camel, cognac, and plaid? Well, look who just straight up said BOY BYE to summer and skipped right to fall. In my defense, it’s almost impossible to hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and not walk away with something perfect for fall. This time around, it was this perfect pair of cognac leather booties (seen here), which just sort of snowballed into finding the perfect camel cardigan (which, I might add, I have wanted to add to my wardrobe for well over a year now… and also seen here), and then the most ridiculous-but-fun plaid shoes.

Did I go over budget? Absolutely. But I have a hard time being mad about it when I know that the biggest offenders (looking at you, booties and cardigan) are not only made of quality, long lasting materials (leather and wool, respectively), but they’re pieces I’ve already found myself reaching for on a weekly basis. So really, I just made a good investment :).

What have you invested in this month?

As usual, linking up with Franish and the budgeting blogger gang

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