Stuff We Like: August



The Olympics (already marking our calendars for the winter edition of our live tweeting bonanza in 2018)

Fitness Marshall dance workouts (just watch them they are a-ma-zing plus a legit workout for only 3 min)

Peep toe booties (because Fall is coming…)

Tony Moly products (specifically the banana sleep pack and the cooling under eye thing that’s shaped like a panda. Korean beauty products are the bomb dot com)

Essie gel nail polish (Essie’s awesome colors + stick-til-forever gel power? SIGN US UP)

This silky soft cardigan (for those nightmare weeks in the office between tundra-like AC and actual tundra weather)

Firm hold Conair bobby pins (aka actual sorcery that can hold up all of Jess’s hair with only 2 pins)

Finding those few choice pieces that take a basic outfit to funky town

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