Be Our Guest: Big? Yes. Tall? Yes. Fashionable? YES!

Here at FBC, we are very firm believers that a killer outfit is the best first impression, good fashion can cure whatever ails you (whoever said laughter is the best medicine clearly never met a great shoe sale) and great style has no size. Read on to discover how our friend (coworker, favorite human being, etc) Andrew puts together a wardrobe that is big on staples and tall on style! 

XO, The Committee


Hello. My name is Andrew and I…I am a big & tall shopper. At 6’ 5” and REDACTED pounds, you could say that I am the definition of a big & tall shopper. Now, I don’t know how many of you out there are also big & tall, but if you are one or more of the following things have happened to you


  1. Someone has tried to gift you a shirt that has a “funny” saying on it. Take for example the time my father bought me a shirt with the words ‘BIG DADDY’ emblazoned across the front.
  2. You have explored the big & tall “section” at a department store to find only shirts in a variety of fluorescent colors…usually orange.
  3. You have shopped at a big & tall store and most items you tried on made you look somehow larger and a quite a bit more box-like.


These are just a few of the problems the big & tall shopper faces when trying to put together a look that makes them proud. Throw in the fact that I love fashion and would kill to wear something called a “skinny pant” and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. But, every so often, a miracle happens and you come across a piece of clothing that makes you feel good. A shirt or a pair of pants that make you proclaim “Man boob be damned…I AM A HOTTIE!”. Just such a piece is what I am here to share with you today.


One of the major frustrations of big & tall shopping is variety. It’s easy for me to walk through the men’s sections at a Target or a Gap and see many pieces that I would love to purchase. However, alas, my size is not available. While others may be able to purchase multiple pieces from stores like these, big & tall shoppers don’t have that luxury. We often turn directly to brand names (Polo Ralph Lauren being a favorite of mine) which are of great quality, but much higher price. This is where the staple comes into play. Staple items are those pieces you own that can be worn 100 different ways and always leave you feeling your best. One such staple item that I am currently obsessed with is the pictured navy blue quarter zip pullover. I found this on the clearance rack at a Casual Male last month and have been incorporating it into my wardrobe in a number of ways.


Now, as you can tell from my choice of outfit, in the world of SE Hinton’s The Outsiders, I’m what you would call a Soc. Yes, my preppy style and love of all things nautical, make me the very enemy of Ponyboy. But, when I put on this shirt I haven’t a care in the world. One of my favorite things about the piece is the material. While still a pullover, it’s very lightweight and made of a pique materials like many polos you might find. I also love the color. Navy blue can play so many different ways, it’s a great mixer. Almost all of my staple pieces are colors that can transition and mix to create the most options: black, navy blue, and my favorite: gray. Gray is a fantastic color because from heather to charcoal it goes with anything.


On this day, I chose to pair my pull over (Alliteration!) with a red polo that’s also another favorite of mine. But, as you can see from the photo, this particular pull over (Alliteration!) can be worn many different ways. Throw a nice button up and a tie on underneath and head to a wedding, put a tee on go out with friends…options galore! Next, I pulled on a pair of classic khakis. A gentleman’s closet can NEVER have enough khakis. They are a neutral color and can mesh well with a black sweater, a navy blue tee, a brown belt, and more. Footwear wise, I went with a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren hightops that I’m in love with. The quilted pattern on the side and the leather toe make these easy to dress up or dress down.



Accessories are another one of my favorite areas in both shopping and putting together an ensemble (Whenever I use the word ensemble I feel like I’m in The Devil Wears Prada). Accessories are great because they are accessible to everyone. H&M is a prime example. There’s not a lot at H&M that I fit into, so I use to feel awkward when I would go shopping there with friends. But, they have killer accessories. Scarves for the fall/winter, sunglasses for anytime but nighttime, and ties for special occasions…there is always something you can purchase and then use for building your next outfit. Now all of you extremely fashion conscious people might be questioning my last piece…a sailor’s cap. Sometimes you just have to have fun! Go crazy with an item that will leave people talking.


In my opinion, clothing has two tasks in this world: 1. Make us not naked, and 2. MAKE US FEEL GOOD! Everyone, every size deserves to feel amazing in the clothing that they wear. By focusing on my staple pieces, pieces that I know I feel good in, I can always leave the house feeling confident and happy. Whether I’m running to work or rehearsal…or piloting a yacht through the Mediterranean…


Pullover: Casual Male (similar)

Polo: Kohl’s

Hi-tops: Polo Ralph Lauren (which you can find here at Macys!)

Watch: Tommy Hilfiger (similar)

Captain’s Hat: Similar on Amazon

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  1. Awesome! I also find amazing deals at They have a wide selection of big & tall and run huge end of season sales. I have gotten $125 jeans for $30 or $98 shirts for $25.

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