How Do You Measure, Measure a Year



Break out the balloons and (fashionable) party hats, people, because this little bouncing baby blog of ours is officially 52 weeks old! It’s amazing how much can change in 12 months and this week on the blog, we’re each taking a stylish stroll down memory lane and looking at our year of growth.


1 year. 52 weeks. 365 days. 525,600 minutes. And what feels like as many outfits (I mean not quite, but lord knows I’m not trusting myself to do the math on that one).

When we started down this path of blogging, I will be honest and say I really did not know what to expect. I figured I had a passion for fashion and enjoyed writing, so what was not to love? And for the most part, that has not changed (though I have had my moments of writers block…and no clue what to wear block, I’m honestly not sure which was more painful).

I think for me the thing that has changed the most is 2015 and before Jeanne really lacked creativity. When I saw an outfit idea I loved, I would just buy it rather than try and recreate it. So I had a closet full of great pieces and zero cohesion. Now when I am inspired, I reach for my wardrobe rather than my credit card and, honestly, that gives me a lot more satisfaction.

While before I saw sticking to certain colors and styles as prohibiting me, or putting me into a box, I now see it as a starting point that allows for a million fun ideas and options.

955957D0-94C5-4DC8-8998-E5F6003B4096For example, it’s a lot easier to get a bit outrageous with your pattern mixing when you own more than one piece in the same color family.


So maybe now I grab for the neutrals and the monochrome looks more often,


but that doesn’t mean I don’t still rock a sassy floral or eye-catching hue when the mood strikes.


And while I can’t wait to see what 2016 and beyond Jeanne has to offer, right now I am pretty happy with the Jeanne FBC has brought me.


And these two ladies I blog with? Yeah, they ain’t too bad either.



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