Stuff We Like: June


HELLO! Welcome to the first installment of a new feature we like to call “Stuff We Like”. Each month we will detail a few of things that made us giddy this month on the off chance that you also enjoy both stuff AND things. Think of us as your three favorite fairy godmothers who are just here to make your life more awesome by telling you about all the best stuff (because sharing is caring and it can be fun)!




  • Swing dresses (perfect for those days when it’s too hot to move)
  • Papermate Ink Joy gel pens (Jess has a fever and the only prescription is more office supplies)
  • Ole Henriksen red tea foaming cleanser (it feels like putting on a new face! But in like, a soothing, refreshing spa way and not in like, a Hannibal Lecter kind of way) 
  • The West Wing Weekly podcast (every week they breakdown one episode of the West Wing, it’s amazing. Also amazing? The increase of Sorkin Walk-and-Talks in your daily life) 
  • Benefit the POREfessional: Matte Rescue Gel (it keeps your face baby soft and shine free)
  • all things colorful tassel (bags, earrings, shoes… it’s basically the new ‘put a bird on it‘)
  • Paradise by Nest perfume (it smells like oranges and heaven)
  • Betsy Johnson taco clutch (I KNOW, RIGHT?!)
  • The children’s shoe section at Target (chances are if you have said, “Gee Emily, those sandals are real cute!” in the last week or so she has responded with an extraordinarily gleeful “THANKS! CHILDREN ARE SO BIG THESE DAYS!” which, in hindsight, is both a incredibly odd and confusing statement. Just know that this enthusiasm is rooted in the discovery that Emily, an adult sized human person who generally wears adult sized shoes that range in size from 7-8 can fit a size 6 in shoes made for youths (at Target, at least). What’s that? You’re running to Target right now? We thought you might…)




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