Jess’s June Budget – And A Challenge For July!


Earrings – Target – $7.99

Necklace – Target – $16.99

Maxi dress – LOFT – $47.70

Scarf – Target – $5.09

Swing dress – LOFT – $29.70


TOTAL: $107.47


So I was GOING to be perfectly under budget, but then I visited a certain couple of ladies in a particularly warm state and got talked into a Target trip, and now here we are. Exactly one pair of earrings over budget. Thankfully, I am zero percent mad about it because they are exactly the right combination of interesting and basic.

However, I am a) a bit sick of going over budget and b) honestly not that into summer fashion (there are many reasons I moved north), so I’m going to try something a little challenging next month. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of No Spend November, but if we’re being super real, there’s not even a snowball’s chance in hell that I’m missing out on the fabulous Black Friday clothing sales during my favorite season. And I’m not one to deliberately set myself up for failure. So! Instead of No Spend November, I give you…





That’s right folks, I am going to attempt to purchase ZERO items of clothing, shoes, or accessories during the month of July. Tune in next month to see if I manage it!


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