The Emily Starter Kit

Little black dresses. White button down blouses. Neutral trousers. Black flats. Nude pumps. These are the types of things any fashion whiz will tell you are absolutely necessary to have a functioning starter wardrobe. They’re not wrong- each of these items are highly versatile and useful! But they’re just not the kinds of things I find myself grabbing on those mornings when nothing good has come from being awake. So while I respect the tried and true “list”, I have a few addendums of my own…



A big ol’ floppy hat (Kohl’s)


I’ve never been much of a hat wearer, but lately I find myself continuously reaching for one. They’re perfect for covering up a bad hair day (or in my case, any hair day), shielding the face from the sun’s harmful rays (in my world you either stay porcelain or risk becoming Elmo), and are perfect finishing piece to take any outfit from basic to dramatic AF.


A chambray shirtor five (Target)


The literal blue collar cousin to the ubiquitous white button down, a good chambray shirt dresses up or down with the addition of a statement necklace or pair of jeans. I find myself tossing on a blue button down any time I’m dressing up, but trying to look, like, cool about it, you know? (And yes, I legitimately own five of them)


A cute pair of tan booties (similar at Dillards)


When I spotted these at Old Navy last fall, I knew I just had to have them. What I didn’t know at that time was exactly how often I’d find myself reaching for them. They manage to not only be the Robin to the Batman that is my skinny jeans collection, but also temper the fussiest of skirts. Because they don’t have a ton of bells, whistles, or buckles, they’re simple enough to go with just about anything and they’re the perfect alternative to wearing yet another pair of ballet flats.


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