3 Girls, 1 Season: What’s In Your Beach Bag

With Memorial Day here and gone, I think it is fair to say Summer is officially upon us. Tis the season of long sunny days, warm breezy nights, and wearing as few clothes as possible while still looking adorable (a skill we are all still attempting to master).

One summer tradition that we are all really looking forward to are gorgeous afternoons spent at the beach (or pool, for us land-locked ladies!). There is literally no better way to spend a day than laying out and soaking up some rays.

With that in mind, the ladies have teamed up with Adore Me to show off our #BeachDayMusts and give you a little peek at exactly what is in those cute (and perhaps a bit over stuffed) beach bags of ours! Because if we learned one thing from the Girl Scouts (besides how delicious Samoas are…) it’s always be prepared!




Summer reawakens my love of bright colors, which is why I am all about a beach bag in an eye popping shade, like this green one from Aldo (similar here).  Obviously a swimsuit is a must-have, and recently I am really digging on the one piece (mine’s a bit older from Target, but how much do we love this one from Adore Me’s swimsuit collection?!). It’s super flattering and hides my food baby when sitting poolside also means snacking (welcome to the world, baby boy french fries!).  I also add a sun hat and sunglasses, because they guarantee that no matter where you’re sitting, you’ll have it made in the shade.

A few other beach day must haves include blotting papers (the sun is great, but this girl tends to…glisten), my favorite moisturizer with SPF 15, a water bottle (gotta stay hydrated…and this one has an infuser to add a bit of flavor) and of course a good book (recommendations always welcome!)




As a good Minnesotan girl, my idea of a great day at the beach involves a lot more lakes and a lot less salt water. Since not all lakes are made for swimming (looking at you, lake weeds – yuck), my bag needs a nice blanket for spreading on the ground near the shore (no towels needed!). If I’m soaking up some sun, you know I’m going to have my kindle (loaded up with my favorite trashy summer reads – the Southern Vampire Mysteries AKA True Blood) and some sunglasses. And of course, no beach bag is complete without a full complement of sunscreen (yeah, your face is important, but don’t forget about your lips! Fresh Sugar Rose lip balm to the rescue!). Toss in some flip flops to kick off for easy wading, and you’re set!

(Plus, can we talk for a second about how cute this bag is? I am 200% on board the tassel trend right now!)




I’m determined to spend more time this summer floating my cares away this summer, so I’m leaving my beach bag (mine is vintage, but this one has similar flair) in my car so I can leave work and head straight for paradise (it’s a genius idea, amiright?). Obviously this plan requires a swimsuit and in an effort to curb my natural Tim Burton tendencies (dark suit, pale skin, and outta control hair? Yup, this is basically me every summer), I widened my horizons beyond ‘striped and/or black’ this year and fell in love with this cute and colorful suit (though this black one piece from Adore Me’s collection is calling my name! #CallBeckieWithTheCuteSuit #SoChic #ComesInAllSizes).

Other must haves? A towel (never leave home without one!), my favorite sandals (similar here), sunglasses, all of the sunscreen in the world (hey, you can put Wednesday Addams in a colorful suit, but she’s still gonna be Wednesday Addams. Ain’t no shame in my SPF 100 game!), and my jams for when I’m done channeling my inner Little Mermaid (Pro tip: Keep your headphones from getting tangled by sticking them in a cute coin purse! #ThereAreAlwaysHeadphonesInTheBananaPurse).


So join us and Adore Me in sharing your innermost Beach Bag necessities with the hashtag #BeachDayMusts, and we’ll see you all on the Flipper side.


Thank you to Adore Me for helping inspire this post! All thoughts, opinions, and shenanigans are 100% our own.

2 thoughts on “3 Girls, 1 Season: What’s In Your Beach Bag

  1. This blog got me addicted to Fresh Sugar (my personal favorite is Cherry) so I wanted to tell you about Fresh Sugar Sport with spf 30 that can be used on your lips, face and eyes! (I bought mine for a trip to Telluride). Also, when I need some shine, super goop spf 50 is a gloss you can wear over lipstick!

    1. THANK YOU! I’ve personally been looking for something with a decent SPF for my lips, but practically everything seems to be SPF 15 (and that just ain’t gonna cut it for us Casper the Friendly Ghost types).

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