Jess’s May Budget

may budget


Straw Tote – Target – $24.99

Striped Swing Tank – LOFT – $14.00

Modern White Straight Leg Jeans – LOFT – $38.99

Vintage Soft Shell – LOFT – $13.50

Missi Huarache Sandals – Target – $26.40

Picot Trim Tank – LOFT – $13.50

Lula Flip Flops – Target – $11.99

Elise Slide Sandals – Target – $17.24

Striped Tassel Scarf – LOFT – $12.00 (similar, not pictured)


TOTAL: $172.61

Goal: $100

Over/Under: $72.61 OVER goal

So hey, guess what I forgot was in May? Oh yeah, MY BIRTHDAY. And let me tell you, clothing budgets are a silly silly thing during birthday month.

…especially a birthday month during which you realize you own ZERO sandals, and ripped your favorite jeans. So I bought all of the sandals (win), and a pair of replacement jeans that just happened to be my first ever pair of white jeans (DOUBLE win).

As for the rest…. well…. treat yo self.

As usual, linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers

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