Another Year Closer…


… to being a real grownup!

That’s right folks, today is my birthday! It’s been a bit of a crazy year, but I feel like I’ve really grown. I’m more mature, and more responsible. Almost an adult, you might say.

So grown up, in fact, that I felt like it was finally time…

…to buy my first pair of white jeans.

I know, it’s a huge step. I’ll have to bleach, spot treat, and avoid all pens and markers (I twirl my pens when I’m thinking… poorly #cantstopwontstop). And I’ll have to be sure to take them out frequently (first stop: birthday drinks and sushi). But I feel like, after 29 years, I’m finally ready for this major responsibility.

So, happy birthday to me! And happy birthday to my new pants.

Jess7 Jess10 Jess14

Jess2 Jess5

Top: Loft

Pants: Loft

Shoes: Target

Necklace: Target

Fun surprise: my new garden came with a whole bed of my favorite flower, Lily of the Valley, which also happens to be the May birth month flower!

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