Peachy Keen


Alternative title: How To Love Something That Doesn’t Love You Back

This may come as a shock to my mother (who staunchly refused to dress me in stereotypically feminine colors as a child), but I adore pink. Hot pink, coral, cotton candy pink, blush, you name it, I love it. I especially love all of the lighter shades that are just one warm step away from being a complete neutral. Unfortunately, as a pasty-pale human of cold norther stock, these colors don’t do a whole lot for me (something about them being the exact same color as my skin, I suppose).

But fortunately (or maybe still unfortunately? Jury’s still out on that one), I’m crazy stubborn, and thus unwilling to let a little thing like “not even remotely flattering me” stop me from wearing a color I love. Here’s how I’m making it work here, with this peachy perfect tank:

  1. Don’t make it your whole outfit: I know that if I wore head to toe peach, I would look like I was wearing a nude bodysuit (and believe me, nobody wants that). So I limited the peachiness to just my top.
  2. Pair it with flattering colors: I know that navy works for me, so I made that the bulk of my outfit.
  3. Keep it away from my face: If you know that a color doesn’t do much for you, the last thing you want is for it to bring down your gorgeous face. I avoided that here by adding a scarf, which means that people will be comparing my face to a mostly white scarf (which is good news for my face) as opposed to a peach top (no bueno).

And that’s it! No color is off limits anymore! What colors do you typically avoid?

Jess12 Jess10 Jess9 Jess6 Jess3

Skirt: Loft

Tank: Loft

Scarf: Loft (super similar)

Shoes: Target (similar)

Earrings: SimilarJess4

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