I Got Sunshine In My Pocket



Hands up if you’ve heard the new Justin Timberlake song, Can’t Stop The Feeling!

Now hands up if you’ve WATCHED Can’t Stop The Feeling. You haven’t? That’s ok, go click on that link, I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve seen it, let’s talk about how important that video is. Not because of the song itself (which, tbh, is catchy as hell), but because I believe it reveals the next big trend of the summer.

And that trend is puppies.


My wonderful friend (and photographer!) Amanda recently adopted this little cutiepie, whose name is Kiki. I was lucky enough to hang out with them both this past weekend, on the first day of the year that it was unquestionably warm enough to go sleeveless. I thought I was looking pretty cute with my swingy tank and favorite green scarf… but something was missing. Thanks to JT’s new video, I knew that my look wouldn’t truly be complete until I had an adorable puppy in my arms. So I scooped her up, and voila! Look complete.

Jess5 Jess4 Jess7 Jess3

Shirt: Loft (similar)

Scarf: No idea (similar)

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Target

Ok, one more cute puppy picture

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