Living The Dream


Some weekends are made for being lazy. You know the ones – where you flop down on the couch after work on Friday, start up Netflix, and then all of a sudden it’s Sunday night and the only thing you’ve accomplished all weekend is watching 4 seasons of Supernatural.

Other weekends, however, you get lucky – and you get to live your dream life. This past weekend was like that for me. After weeks of feeling like I was absolutely drowning (thanks, moving!), I finally got the chance to just LIVE. I started out the weekend by taking my first ever riding lesson – aka fulfilling a lifelong dream.

My buddy T-Bird
My new buddy T-Bird

And then on Sunday, I woke up to a gorgeous spring day, threw on this perfectly springy pastel and chambray outfit, and ran all over the city for a busy day of farmer’s markets, plant sales, brunch, family, Stars on Ice, burgers, and movies. I won’t lie to you guys, the hardest part of my day was putting together an outfit that could handle 5 radically different destinations without having to change – but this combo was a winner!

Jess10 Jess7 Jess5 Jess4 Jess9 Jess2

Pants: Gap (similar)

Shirt: Loft

Shoes: Target

Bag: Kate Spade (similar spend, save)

Earrings: Kate Spade (similar)

Sunglasses: Loft (similar)



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