Jess’s April Budget Post

Jess's April Budget


Marbelized Pendant Necklace (similar) – LOFT – $12.44 (not pictured)

Shirred Maxi Skirt – LOFT – $12.50

Diamond Lace Swing Top (similar) – LOFT – $22.50

Mixed Media Pocket Shell – LOFT – $23.70

Strappy Cami – LOFT – $23.70

Linen Blend Tank Dress – Old Navy – $13.20

V-Neck Blouse – H&M – $16.19

Lunea Sneakers – Target – $16.99


TOTAL: $141.22


Under budget, WOO! …but with a few confessions.

Confession #1: You all already know that I was planning on returning this shirt, but never got around to it. Welllll… I was also planning on returning this necklace (I just don’t love it), but apparently accidentally broke my “no final sale items” policy, so new necklace for me, I guess.

Confession #2: I have a huge LOFT problem. There. I’ve said it. These items came from 2 separate orders, and another order should be landing on my porch on Monday. I can’t quit you, massive sales.

Confession #3: I was going to cut my budget down to $100/month starting in April… but… apparently I’m just not ready yet. So! Starting in May, my new budget will be $100 a month. Wish me luck!


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