The Blues


You know what I love about my job? One day I can show up dressed like this, and be perfectly presentable for the day’s tasks… and then the next I’ll have a meeting and need to class it up with a pencil skirt, blouse, and heels. It can vary so much on a daily I actually color code my calendar to make sure I’m dressing up when I need to, and I keep a note on my phone planning my outfits for the week. Sure, I could just dress up every day, but the freedom to wear skinny jeans and a faux leather coat when I feel like it is absolutely worth the hassle of a little planning.  

Jess9 Jess8 Jess6 Jess4 Jess2

Top: Loft

Skirt: Loft (similar)

Shoes: Payless

Watch: Target (available elsewhere)

Necklace: Target (fun alternative)


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