3 Girls 1 Item: Friendship Bracelets


Don’t worry, these bracelets aren’t like the lanyards you used to make at summer camp (though those were pretty rad…). No, today we’re talking about those great items you buy with a friend that are totally you but also make you think of that BFF every time you wear them.

When we were approached by Audaviv to check out their amazing collection of modern, beautiful, and completely original jewelry, we all three found ourselves oohing and ahhing our usual accessory suspects: necklaces and earrings.  However, funnily enough we each separately found ourselves enamored with a bracelet. Once we discovered that amazing occurrence, it was a no brainer what our picks would be: bracelets that simultaneously encompass our individual styles, fit perfectly into each of our ever growing jewelry collections, and (as a bonus) reminded us of each other when we wore them.

For Jess, that bracelet was the Landré silver lining bangle.  With its classic style and unique ribbon closure, it makes a statement while also tying in perfectly with Jess’s wardrobe of timeless pieces that she can mix and match to her heart’s content.



Blouse: Loft

Pants: Gap

Bag: Kate Spade (the bag is gone, but this wallet sports the same bow!)

Heels: Target (similar)

Bracelet: Audaviv

For Jeanne, despite her constant and unwavering sass, when it comes right down to it, she’s quite the romantic.  Which means the TomShot double heart bracelet was the perfect pick for her. The rose gold color is universally flattering, and the delicate two hearts evoke just a touch of the poet (or the blogger…)

Jeanne9Jeanne8Jeanne7Jeanne2Jeanne4Sweater: Gap Factory (Similar)

Skirt: Target (Similar)

Shoes: Modcloth (Similar)

Bracelet: Audaviv

For Emily, she found a bracelet that perfectly echoed her hedgehog-like nature.  She may be cute as a button, but get too close and she can get a bit spikey (especially pre-caffeine).  Which is why the Landré spikes gold bangle is pretty much tailor-made for her!


Skirt: Kate Spade (similar 1, similar 2)

Sweater: Target (similar)

Scarf: Target (similar)

Flats: Call it Spring (similar)

Bracelet: Audaviv

Hats off to Audaviv, for sharing with us three bracelets that perfectly reflect our individuality and also connect us with each other.  We may not have made these pieces, but they couldn’t be more us (which we think is pretty dang impressive)!  So dear readers, please go check out Audaviv for yourself and join our BBF gang.  Only two rules: no boys (except cool ones with amazing fashion sense and wicked sarcasm) and no lanyards!

Thank you to Audaviv for sponsoring this post! All thoughts, opinions and shenanigans are 100% our own. 

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