Be Our Guest: The Art of Peacocking

Hello friends! When we started this, we were three ladies who all shopped at the same stores but somehow each had our own style and voice. This innate individuality became the driving force behind this little blog of ours and this platform has given each of us a unique opportunity to explore not just how we dress, but why. The clothes we wear are the first impressions we present to the world and they let us dictate the narrative. Everyone has their own story to tell and we knew even in those early days that we’d like to occasionally pass the mic and shine a light on some of our equally fun and fashionable friends. So, as promised, here is the first installment in what we hope will be a long line of guest posts and collaborations. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our friend Jon! (be extra sweet to him now, ya hear?)

 XO, The Committee

Jon from Fashion By Committee

In 2009, my boyfriend – you might have heard of him – Zac Efron was in a movie titled, 17 Again. He WAS amazing! I am so glad you agree. However, our main focus of this post is not Zac, but the character who goes incognito as his pseudo-father by way of trying to impress the high school vice-principal. His attempts include a strong effort to appeal to her fashion senses known as “peacocking”.

Although his choices are a bit exaggerated, there is some truth to his valiant efforts. Standing out in a crowd- peacocking, if you will- is an art form all on its own. If the art is amazing, people are engaged. If the art is terrible, PEOPLE ARE STILL ENGAGED. The only time they aren’t, is if the art is basic. Like, shorts a t-shirt basic. For examples of each, I turn to our dear friends on RuPaul’s Drag Race


Now, usually when we refer to “peacocking” we associate the idea with something a little more negative, but I’ll let you be the judge of which look is more comparable to this:

I mean come on.

Okay, so OBVIOUSLY these examples are a little extreme. I mean I’m not going to casually step out on a Sunday afternoon in June looking like Archangel from X-Men. However, there is plenty of opportunity to perfect peacocking in your everyday wardrobe. Thus, we have this look:

Jon from Fashion By CommitteeJon from Fashion By CommitteeJon from Fashion By CommitteeJon from Fashion By CommitteeJon from Fashion By Committee

Featured here are quite a few items from Banana Republic (the factory outlet, so Momma got a good deal). However the standouts are the shirt, tie, and shoes. The tie I got while I studied abroad in Europe. I was traveling through Dublin, Ireland when my friend and I stumbled into a market and there it was. Glaring at me. The black lace on top of the while is an incredible take on a timeless fabric. #AlsoItsOneOfAKind

Jon from Fashion By Committee

Anytime I wear these shoes I get mega compliments. To be honest, I have the same pair in a different color scheme, which I prefer, but they simply were not the right choice for the #ootd. believe it or not, I got these shoes on final clearance for $8. Sometimes, it’s not about how you shop, but when you shop.

Jon from Fashion By Committee

So like I said, peacocking is an art that comes in many forms: the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no need to go around putting your feet on someone’s desk to grasp their attention. Instead, do it with grace and flair and above all else: Don’t be a drag, just be a Queen.

Jon from Fashion By Committee

Blazer: Banana Republic (similar)

Shirt: Banana Republic (similar)

Tie: One of a kind

Jeans: Banana Republic

Socks: Target (similar)

Shoes: Giorgio V (similar)

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2 thoughts on “Be Our Guest: The Art of Peacocking

  1. First of all – such a Fun read! I loved it! Second, you look Fabulous, Jon! I am seriously crushing on the pattern mix with your tie and shirt. They look great with your jeans and the jacket gave it that extra special touch. Looking forward to seeing more of your style in the future.

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