Purple Pants Remix


Have you ever hit the point where if you have to look at one more pair of black dress pants, you’ll scream? I find that I can only take so much of the ubiquitous black dress pants. I know, they’re versatile, and I know, they’re the easiest path to professional attire… but high school goth phase aside (yeah, that happened, don’t pretend like it didn’t happen to any of you either), I just can’t stand wearing black pants every single day. I explored the worlds of gray (meh), khaki (shudder), and even navy work pants, but nothing ever really made me love the whole pants-for-work concept until I picked up this lovely pair of purple-y leg sleeves.

This particular pair hails from Loft (same style, slightly different colors found here), and if I’m being honest with you, I wear them at least once a week.

They dress up with a blazer…


From the post First Day Of…

They dress down with a sweatshirt top…


From the post Fitting In


…and they even play nice with black!


From the post Working It

I’ve loved on these guys so much, they’re starting to look a little worn – so I’m on the hunt for a new, springier pair of colorful work pants! Below are a few of the options I’m considering.

What do your favorite work pants look like?

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