Prank-tical Magic

Gather ’round kids, because the ladies here at FBC have a little secret we’ve been dying to get off our chests and share with the class…pranks9Are you all settled in? Got your blankie? Snacks? Mystery bottle of water? Go grab ’em! Don’t worry, we’ll wait.


All set? Cool! Now, we know it’s hard to picture…


And this information might really blow you away…


But as much as we love holidays (well, except for St. Pat’s…), we’re just not that into April Fool’s Day.

It’s shocking, we know.


We can hear you hear now, “But ladies, you’re so fantastic and hysterically amusing all the time!”


Trust us, we know.


It’s hard being this good all of the time.


Like Miss America, we are beauty and grace and really have a way with everyone.


And honestly, sometimes we’re blinded by our own brilliance.


But seriously guys, we’re just not that into monkey shines or hilarity in general. You can blame it on the internet (sure, that prank is funny, but it was funnier when we saw a coworker share it on Facebook three weeks ago) or maybe blame it on all the people who are really bad at pranks (I’d like to meet the person who first thought announcing a fake pregnancy was funny and ask them whyyyyyyyyy), but we just think laughing at someone else’s expense is so last year. So this April Fool’s Day, consider this your funny business free zone. Absolutely zero jokes, puns, or laughs will be had here today. Quite honestly?


This has been a FBC PSA. Thank you.


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