Jess’s March Budget… With a Twist!

March Budget

Bi-Stretch Skinny Ankle Pants – Gap – $13.45

Lunea Sneakers – Target – $16.99

Strappy Cami – LOFT – $23.70

Total: $53.44

Wow, $53.44? Guys, that’s nearly $100 under my $150 budget!!! That’s so great!!!!


Except for that I also bought all of these…

house stuff picTO GO IN MY NEW HOUSE!!!

That’s right, during March we sneakily closed on, repainted, and moved into our new house! I even got to buy a whole bunch of these for my new WALK IN CLOSET!!! So… you could say I actually went a teeeensy bit over budget this month. But it has been completely worth it, because my husband and I haven’t had our own home since August… and it was more than time.

And we are so happy here 🙂


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