Ah Hah!


Blouse (similar) | Jeans | Necklace (similar) | Clutch (in gold!) | Flats

GUYS! Guys, I’ve figured it out. I’ve figured out how to constantly look put together, even when it’s the weekend and you haven’t done much laundry.

Step one: Wear a flowly blouse. Not anything made of stretchy material (mostly because they’re all dirty, if we’re being honest). Don’t worry, it’s loose, it’ll be plenty comfortable, even after you upgrade to the large bubble tea.

Step two: Wear a stupid sparkly necklace. Everything looks better with sparkly jewelry. Fact.

Step three: Set down your cross body and pick up that clutch. Yeah I know. You have to CARRY IT. In your HAND. But trust me here, it’ll look fabulous, and you can set it down on the table once you get to the bubble tea place.


Jess4 Jess1 Jess3 Jess6

And finally, Step four: Much like the noble gymnast, you must tuck and roll. Half tuck that top and roll those cuffs, and BAM, you look like you’re really trying. Congratulations! Now go enjoy your laundry-free weekend.


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