I Spy…Flower Power


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You all may have noticed that last week I did not in fact post a Spring Wish List like my lovely and talented co-bloggers.  Instead, I will be trying something a bit different; every season, I will post about a trend that I am seeing and loving and discuss how it can be incorporated into your wardrobe! Fun? Oh you betcha!

Spring is without question the season of florals, which makes sense…after a long, cold winter, we’re all ready to rock some fun colors, plus there are literally flowers blooming (love the subtle inspiration, nature!)  This season however, I am noticing that the florals seem bigger and more beautiful than ever, and I must say, I love it!

Big floral prints are the thing this Spring, and it could not be easier to make this trend your own.  Dip you toe in by investing in a beautiful floral dress for these ever more frequent sunny days (how gorgeous would this  be with some tassels heels? Or just some sandals and a hat for the weekend?), throw on a great floral scarf with your favorite blouse and denim (can’t go wrong with blush y’all), or, for those up for more of a challenge, try pairing floral skirt and a striped top for a perfect everyday chic look!

So whatever your style, try adding a pop of beautiful blooms to your look and let it brighten your day!

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