Emily’s Spring Wish List

It’s here, it’s here, it’s FINALLY here!!! The clocks have rolled forward (hateful), the weather is warming up, and Spring has finally arrived!

Spring is the bomb dot com in this girl’s book. Everything is in bloom (sorry allergy sufferers) and like every other cocoon dweller, my bones have finished liquifying and reforming and I am ready to re-emerge fully formed from all of my heavy winter layers (I may have watched a nature documentary this winter… #sorrynotsorry). So with that in mind, here are a few of things I’m lusting after this fine day…


A fluffy tulle skirt to justify all my ballerina topknots

Blame it on the pinterest (What’s that? You mean you haven’t heard the follow up to Jamie Foxx’s Blame it?) or the fact I probably quit dance lessons too quickly (it’s not really my fault that I was a six year old with the why-are-kids-so-annoying soul of Clint Eastwood though), but I am absolutely obsessed with finding the beautiful, voluminous tulle midi skirt of my dreams this spring.  Nothing thrills me more than the idea of twirling around like Julie Andrews in a meadow of blooming flowers in a skirt worthy of one of Degas’ dancers (the hills are alive with the sound of me being sooo over winter).

Fashion By Committee- Emily's Spring Wish List

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Tulle skirts may seem like all fluff, but they’re actually surprisingly versatile! I can’t wait to style mine with two of my favorite wardrobe staples: stripes (check out how the gal over at Dipped in Yellow did it here) and chambray (doesn’t Jenny of PlogStyle look insanely chic?). And of course these pretty puff pieces were practically made for getting dressy- I’ll rock mine with a silky shell and some edgy accessories (looks like a job for my beautifully badass Kendra Scott ear jackets) to keep it from looking too precious.


Wide leg trousers for easy, breezy glamour

Maybe I’ve been watching too many Katherine Hepburn movies lately (false, you can never get too much of that Hep Kat), but I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of tailored, wide leg trousers. Between the loose fit and breezy flow, wide leg trousers provide all the comfort of wearing a maxi skirt with all the freedom of wearing pants (but a tailored fit would keep them from looking too beachy coverup). Shouldn’t we all get to channel our inner Amal Clooney sometimes? (someone get me a giant hat, STAT)


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When it comes to styling, I plan on taking a page out of the Queen of Tailored Dressing, Victoria Beckham’s book (She was Posh Spice for a reason, y’all). She’s got all of the bases covered: Under a long coat? Check. Fun details? You got it. Breezy with a tee? Yes ma’am. Monochromatic? UGH, so chic. Hell, she even knows how to mix two trends together (Jeanne wasn’t kidding about those vests) and absolutely SLAY.


Rain gear that doesn’t make me look like the Gorton’s fisherman

April showers may bring may flowers, but they also have a way of bringing out the bedraggled rat in me. I’ve never been a huge fan of raincoats or hats (the Paddington Bear look just doesn’t suit me) and I’m never sure where my umbrella is, so I frequently soldier through the rain and end up looking like I got shipwrecked. So, I (and my frizzy, not humidity proof hair) have decided that this will be the year I anticipate precipitation and plan accordingly.


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I can’t wait to pick up a pair of rain boots and extend my love of pattern mixing to my outerwear, a big ol’ floppy hat will save my hair from the wet (now, if only they made a hat that could stave off the frizz humidity brings), a saucy umbrella could be just the thing to chase the storm clouds away, and a slouchy trench will save all of my cute outfits from droplets.

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