March of the Penguins

Emily4Sweater (similar) | Jeans | Oxfords (similar)

Spring is just around the corner, but before it gets here, it’s time to give all of our Winter favorites one last hurrah before they’re packed away in mothballs. The weather may not know if it’s cloudy or bright, but your heavy knits’ days are definitely numbered and soon your beanies and scarves will be replaced by beach hats and sarongs. So, I don’t know about you, but as excited as I am about Spring (which we all know is so. damn. excite), I’m also just a teensy bit sorry to bid farewell to my tried and true Winter staples…


…I mean, now I have to worry about whether or not I need to shave my legs. #GoodbyeSasquatch #HelloRufusFromKimPossible

Just auditioning for Happy Feet 2: Even Happier Feet

4 thoughts on “March of the Penguins

  1. What a fun top! Love the sequin penguins! I’d definitely want to wear that a lot over winter! 🙂 I get excited for changing seasons but look forward to wearing everything ‘one last time’ before the weather changes too 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I’m going to miss winter. It never really was too cold where I had to get out the heavy gear! It looks like this week will be the last real shot of winter for me so I hope to get to wear my favorite outfits one last time this weekend in DC!

    1. I recommend taking the Joey Tribbiani, “Could I BE wearing anymore clothes” approach and just wearing all of them at once. Not only do you get to wear all of your faves, but you get to be extra cozy too! 😉

      Hope you and all of your winter faves have an extra fun weekend, Irina!

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