A Little Contrast


Blouse | Skirt (similar) | Shoes | Earrings (similar)

I’m not gonna say it’s spring here in the Twin Cities, because that seems like the #1 best way to ensure a March blizzard. But what I WILL say that this weekend was magically warm and allowed my amazing photographer friend and me to run around town WITHOUT COATS in search of interesting nooks and crannies, cool graffiti, and bubble tea. Which we found.

(I tried an avocado shake with tapioca pearls. A+ would drink again)

Jess9 Jess8 Jess7 Jess6

Hi Amanda!


Anyway, I love how these pretty walls contrast with my mostly-serious entirely-neutral meeting attire. I give my shoes a pass from being totally serious because come on, they’re going to be hidden under the table for most meetings, right? Thank you in advance for affirming my decisions.




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