Green Light!


Dress (scalloped similar) | Shirt (similar) | Boots | Earring

 I take a huge amount of comfort in the fact that the strangers I see when I’m in public are a) never going to see me again and b) probably won’t remember it if they do. Because of this, if I’m going someplace new I will often take risks I otherwise wouldn’t with my outfits. I’m sure this is a little bit backwards (don’t most people try to dress safely or nicely when encountering new people and situations?), but it’s incredibly freeing for me to use a new restaurant/bar/museum/whatever as an excuse to try something new.

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For example, I wore this getup to try a new restaurant with M (Red Cow on Selby in St. Paul, if you’re curious). I was fully prepared to never go back there if we didn’t like it, and I was fully prepared to never pair this dress with this shirt ever again if I didn’t like it, either. Happily for everyone, I loved both, and we were back at Red Cow within days to try their brunch. Verdict? AMAZING.


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