Jess’s February Budget

Jess's February Budget

Beacon Court Angelica cross body bag – Kate Spade – $89

Merona Ellie leopard print flats – Target – $6.88

Who What Wear striped sweater – Target – $27.99

Sam Edelman Penny boots – Nordstrom – $150

Mossimo shirt dress – Target – $27.99

TOTAL: $301.86


Ah, February! The month I took a good, hard look at my budget and told it to take a hike.

Remember last month when I said that I was planning on making one or two larger purchases in February? Well, here they are! I’ve been hunting for a good pair of boots for months now, and finally decided that they were worth busting the budget for. And as I said before, they were totally worth it.

The other big item is my new love, the Kate Spade Beacon Court Angelica cross body bag. I promised myself a nice new bag as a Christmas present (from me, to me), and I actually ordered a different one in January, only to immediately send it back (apparently I hate crosshatched leather). I finally settled on this style, and started stalking it on ebay… when along came a flash sale, allowing me to snatch this pretty little thing up for less than ebay prices.

This is probably where I should say that I’m sorry I spent too much, or that I’ll try to stay well under budget next month to make up for it. But honestly? I’m so glad I broke my budget this month. I said in my December budget post that I wanted to buy the best quality I could afford (and that made sense for each item), and I think that overspending on footwear (that I easily wear 3-4x a week right now in the winter) and bags (that I use FOREVER – I don’t switch up bags much!) makes a lot of sense for me. These aren’t things I’m going to be buying again for quite some time (I am finally 100% happy with my bag situation, and I expect these boots to last a LONG time), so I’m absolutely ok with doubling the budget for one month…. but I will be back to normal in March :).

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8 thoughts on “Jess’s February Budget

  1. I am also a bag non-switcher 🙂 so I’m curious to know, how can you tell you’re happy with your handbag situation? Is it based on number of bags you own?

    1. For me, it’s based on the situations I’m in and the types of things I wear. So I know that for me, it’s important to have a dressy work bag that I can fit a notebook in (for meetings), a 100% utilitarian work tote (that can get dirty – I’m often working in schools), a mid-sized bag for schlepping around town, a weekender bag, and a clutch for those weirdo situations where carrying a clutch actually makes sense. This bag filled the only hole I had left – a true cross body for when I need to carry very little, but I need to do it hands free (so, parties, travel, etc). It’s also pretty enough that I can use it with fancy outfits that my clutch doesn’t match.

      So I guess I know I’m happy because I just can’t think of any other type of bag that I truly need right now! Are there more I want? YES (Madewell Transport bag, I’m looking at you), but it just doesn’t make sense to buy it for myself. Hope that helps!

      1. Thank you. I’m trying (and have been quite successful) to maintain a small wardrobe that I love. However bags are the weakness that threaten my inner minimalist so I’m always looking to see how other people manage it

        1. Absolutely! I will say that I’m generally a closet maximalist (when I have my own home, at least), but I’ve never felt compelled to get a lot of bags… mostly because it’s such a pain to switch between them! But they’re so pretty, I can’t blame others for being tempted 🙂

  2. I think boots and bags are good places to splurge since they get a lot of wear and are very visible. Of course they’re also my favorite things to buy, even though I don’t switch up my bag very often, mostly due to a lack of planning!

  3. I doubled my budget back in December, and it was completely worth it. It looks like you picked up some fantastic long term pieces as well, so I can understand why you’re comfortable with it. Those boots really are gorgeous!

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