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Guys, I love my camera. I really, really love my camera. It’s a Canon Rebel T3. It’s not top of the line now, nor was it when I purchased it in 2014 with my much-coveted post-wedding gift-registry-completion coupon from Amazon. But what it lacks in snazzy newness, it more than makes up for in dependability and utility. Point of evidence: the battery lasts so long on a single charge, I was able to take blog pictures every week for the past 6 months without having to charge it.

Yeah, that’s right. The last time I had to charge the battery was before I went to North Carolina this past summer.

Which was also, coincidentally, prior to my move to MN.

Jess4 Jess1 Jess6 Which of course means that this past Sunday, when I switched it to “on” and nothing happened, I straight up Chicken-Little panicked and had to tear my house apart trying to find the damn charger.

Good news: Many ransacked boxes, closets, and hours later, it was finally located.

In my beach bag.

From August.

Because of course.


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