Because Sometimes You Just Can’t


Cardigan (similar) | Pants | Cami | Shoes (similar with fleece lining, say what??)

Let me preface what I’m about to say with the disclaimer that generally speaking, my life is amazing, I’m very lucky, and I know it.

That being said, the past week or two have been HARD. Like ANNOYINGLY HARD. For a variety of incredibly first world, work (hooray for transitions!), health (being sick while traveling FTW!), and life (MORTGAGES, you guys) related reasons. And yes, I’m fine, and everything is going to BE fine… but I’m tired. And I’m craving comfort. And I don’t particularly feel like trying super hard right now (at least, when it comes to my clothes – in other arenas of life I am trying STUPID hard).

Jess6 Jess4 Jess3 Jess2

So, from that swirling vortex of tired/comfort/not caring, this lazy day errand-running outfit was born. Just enough real clothes to keep me from feeling ashamed of my life (thanks for the assist, skinny jeans), and just enough knit to keep me from losing my damn mind.


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