A Sequins Of Events


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There are a few things in this world that just don’t sit well with me. Hearing spoilers for that one show/movie you have been waiting forever to see? That’s a big N-O, good buddy. People who must have skipped the “How and when to use a turn signal” chapter in the driver’s manual? Actual monsters. Clothes that can only be worn for special occasions? Well, that’s some damn nonsense, friend. I get that cocktail dresses aren’t necessarily heading-to-the-ballpark attire, but what is the point in spending my hard earned cash on things I can only wear once in a blue moon? It’s my party and I’ll sparkle like a Vegas showgirl if I want to! So how does one take their glamour puss sequin skirt from NYE and make it average. everyday Friday appropriate? Two words, people: Chambray. Shirt. It’s the avocado of wardrobe staples: The perfect blank canvas to build a delicious outfit on (or the “Yes, I Know Guac is Extra” bonus that takes an outfit from “yes” to “YAS!”).


If you guys need me, I’ll be out there pushing the limits of sequin acceptability and glittering like the Disney princess I clearly am. #MySongsWillAllBeAboutJunkFood #MySidekickWillBeAVelociraptor #IdSeeTheCrapOutOfThisMovie


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