Deer-ly Beloved


Sweater | Jeans | Boots (similar) | Earrings

Hey guys, look how much fun I’m having! Outside! In the snow! And the -2 degree weather!

Yeah. It’s crazy cold right now in the Twin Cities. Here’s how I’m coping:

  1. Sporting snow boots whenever appropriate. Sometimes when not appropriate. Because you know what makes you feel pretty darn invincible? Being able to wade into any. snowbank. you. want. Living it up!
  2. Developing a fierce latte addiction. Nothing warms your hands during your commute from Parking Ramp Level 6 to 2nd Floor Of The Building Across The Street like a blazing hot combo of espresso and soy milk (yeah, I’m a soy milk person).
  3. Wearing adorable (and ridiculously warm) sweaters featuring loving forest creatures.

Jess8 Jess5 Jess4 Jess7 Jess6

And last but not least:

4. Playing in the snow with bare hands!

(jk – I literally ran inside after this picture was taken to warm my hands back up)

Stay toasty, folks!


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