American as Apple Pie


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M and I are die hard Costco junkies. He had a membership when I met him, and it was a Big Deal in our relationship when he added me to his account as a “household member” (at least, it was a big deal to me!). We were just two adults living in a not-so-big townhouse at the time, but we still made room for bales of paper towels, 2 pound bags of garlic cloves, and 48 packs of hamburger patties. We would make a date out of walking up and down all the aisles, partaking of the free samples, and splitting one of the massive $1.50 hot dogs. Ridiculous? Maybe. But please – reserve your judgement until you’ve try their pretzel rolls or (bicycle wheel sized) pumpkin pie.

It’s cool. I’ll wait.

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Shopping for bulk products at a store larger than some small towns has got to be the single most stereotypically suburban American thing I enjoy doing. So it seems fitting that the last time I went, I was wearing this red white and blue (plus blue jean!) outfit.

Especially since this vest? Yeah. It came from Costco, too.



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