Pants (similar) | Shirt (flannel similar) | Scarf (gift) | Bag (similar style) | Shoes | Earrings

In the spirit of more is more (which is what the whole new year things is about, right?), let’s see how many neutrals I can cram into one outfit, shall we?

We’ve got:

  • Olive
  • White
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Gold
  • Brown

A lot of neutrals, yes, but I feel anything but neutral about this getup. This is, hands down, my favorite all-neutral outfit this year (the year is still young, but still). There’s pattern, texture, and shine, all wrapped up with a pretty bow. What’s not to love?Jess2 Jess3 Jess4Jess1


Other things I feel anything but neutral about:

  • The fact that it is now snow time, as evidenced by the background in these pics (I’m usually all about the winter wonderland magic, but no garage = no love for snow)
  • The fact that it’s going to be negative degrees this weekend. NEGATIVE! Gross.
  • The fact that it is FRIDAY! Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


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