Right on Red


Dress (also comes in black!) | Shoes (similar) | Earrings (really pretty alternative!) | Lipstick (in Red Rogue)

Guys. Can we take a minute here to talk about this lipstick?

For me, 2015 was officially The Year I Figured Out That Lip Color Is Important. I’ve had a few flirtations in the past, but never really got any further than a few different shades of basically-the-same-color-as-my-lips-pink. But for whatever reason (I blame this blog – my lips tend to look super washed out in pics without some real color), I dove head first into color last year.  After a few weeks of dipping my toes in the water with this lightly tinted love of mine, I bit the bullet and bought about a bajillion of these (since crayon is a format I know I understand). I mostly stuck to ridiculous shades of bright pink, but what I really wanted to find was a good, classic, RED… and here it is!

While I’m certainly not going to start wearing it every day (I have a pretty hardcore tea habit at work, and I’m not up for reapplying that often), it’s hugely comforting to know that when I want to rock the red, I am totally ready for it.

Jess1 Jess5 (2) Jess8 (2)Jess4PS – Remember the dress that broke the budget? This is it! It plays nice with navy and pearls for a networking gathering, and with black and silver sparkles here for my company’s holiday party. Well worth going over budget! Jess3 (2)

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