Jess’s December Budget

December Budget

Cocoon Cardigan – Target – $19.95 (seen here)

Silver Kelli Pumps – Target – $21

1969 Girlfriend Jeans – Gap – $35 (seen here)

Statement Necklace – Target – $16

Pintucked Ponte Pants – LOFT – $34.75

Silky Skirt – J. Crew Factory Skirt – $23.99 (not pictured, seen here, same style different pattern available here)


TOTAL: $150.69


WHEW. That was a close one. I’m counting this as in budget because come on now, going over by $0.69? That is CLOSE ENOUGH, my friends. And I’m extra proud of that fact, considering that December is when I counted all of my online Black Friday buys.

December was a curious contrast of as-comfy-as-I-can-get and as-blingy-as-I-can-get, which I’m pretty sure sums up the holiday season in a nutshell for most of us. If you’re not trying to create an actual nest out of might-as-well-be-yoga-pants and blankets, you’re dressing up for a fancy outing, and vice versa. And let me tell you, I went whole hog in both directions with these purchases. Those two pairs of pants are now tied for the comfiest in my wardrobe, I haven’t taken off the cardigan since I bought it, and that’s the necklace I wore on New Year’s Eve.

Speaking of New Year’s, I know we all shared our 2016 resolutions yesterday, but here’s a little extra one from me: This year, I resolve to only purchase things I truly love (or need), and to buy the best quality I’m able to afford and makes sense for the item. This was spurred by a few fairly recent purchases not working out because they either a) broke/wore out before their time (looking at you, work bag I once loved) or b) I just didn’t love enough to keep around and wear a lot (like the shirt dress from this month – I wore it all of twice and now don’t even want to look at it). I want to buy more quality handbags and shoes, fewer cheap sale items from Old Navy, and only colors and patterns that make me all flail-y. Check back this time next month to see how I’m doing!

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