New Year, Fresh Start, Same Us

Happy New Year from the ladies of FBC! There’s just something about flipping the calendar to a new year that just feels so fresh and invigorating. Nothing has really changed but the date, but it’s hard to beat the start over, clean slate feeling, isn’t it? Self improvement is in the air and that means it’s time to start mulling over ways to make this orbital path around the sun better than the last one. Most folks tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to those New Year’s resolutions: They either relish the opportunity to start afresh, set hardline goals for themselves, and stick to them… or they make vague plans that fall apart by the end of the month because they know that change is something that lives in the bottom of their purse. While we here at the Committee are repping that Mary Poppins life (you know, practically perfect in every way?), we thought it might be fun to kick around some fresh ideas to take into the new year. So just in case you haven’t filled your resolution quota yet, here’s a little FBC approved inspiration:
1) Refer to Talullah as my “dog-ter” as often as humanly possible (people love it).
2) Buy more super cute work out clothes (not that I am going to work out more, that’d be silly, but they come in such fun colors and patterns now!).
3) Go on more adventures.  I tend to get so bogged down in the day to day responsibilities that I find myself getting trapped in a sea of to-do lists and self-imposed obligations . That means more often than not, when I do have free time, I would rather do something I know I will enjoy rather than take a risk.  But that is boring, and I want to really dedicate myself to trying new things and having new experiences, whether it’s going out to a new restaurant or bar, taking a weekend road trip or even saying “screw it” and jetting off on a vacation to somewhere I have never been. Worst case scenario, I have got me a fun new story, which I desperately need (I can only have my friends recite the endings of my stories with me one, maybe two, times before that message becomes clear).
1) To remember to eat breakfast BEFORE putting on lipstick, not after. BEFORE.

2) To finally, once and for all, I MEAN IT, figure out how to wear skirts and fleece lined tights together in the winter without the former clinging to the latter and crawling straight up like a kitten seeking higher ground.

3) To create a home. A physical dwelling to call my own, sure, but also a set of routines, traditions, and communities that really make a physical space a home. We’ve been in a holding pattern since we upended our lives in August (has it really been that long??) and moved to MN, and I (and my husband) are more than ready to start moving forward again.
1) Become the super chipper, on-top-of-their-game morning person we all know I can be.

2) Work on communicating my feelings in an effective and productive manner (or you know, just at all).

 3) Live. It’s time to break out of my comfort zone and expand my horizons. There are so many things in life that I want to do, but I just…don’t do them. While fearing the unknown keeps you safe, it also keeps you stuck. So in 2016, I’m determined to jump the rut and forge a new path.

So here’s to another new year and another 2 months of accidentally writing the wrong date (lucky for us fives are just angular sixes).

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