Emily (The Remix) ft. DJ PatternMixing

Emily from FBC

You guys, I tried something this year that I never would have even dreamed of attempting last year: giving a F pattern mixing.

Back when this was just a bouncing baby blog mere weeks into its infancy, I put together the look that ended up being my gateway drug to pattern pairing. I had picked up this yellow and white polka dot skirt from the LOFT outlet a week or two prior and the H&M navy and white striped shirt not long before that and thought, “Well, what if I…?” Like a newborn giraffe, unsure and knock-kneed, I turned to my partners in crime and said, “Am I crazy? Does this even, I don’t know… work?” to which they responded with a resounding “Yes! (but swap out that statement necklace for some classy pearls, you silly bitch)“.

Emily from FBC- LOFT yellow and white polka dot skirt, H&M navy striped top, nude flats, pearl necklace


And thus a mixology monster was born.

It wasn’t too long afterwards I flipped the script and wore my stripes on the bottom, dots on the top, and traded out the classy pearls for one of those obnoxious statement necklaces I love so much (can’t stop, won’t stop) for a work look that was proper and pop-y.

Emily from FBC- Target black and white striped skirt, Old Navy black and white polka dot button down, Paper Dolls neon statement necklace, Lauren Conrad bow pumps

Emily from FBC- Old Navy shirt, Paper dolls necklace

At this point I was feeling pretty comfortable with graphic dots and stripes. Drunk with power and in possession of a devil-may-care attitude, I decided it was time to branch out to something a little more organic. Cue this floral and leopard look that I am absolutely dying to wear again (12 more weeks of not Spring… not that I’m counting or anything).

Emily from FBC- Prabal Gurung for Target dress, Target denim button down, Target Sam & Libby leopard print pumps

Emily from FBC- Prabal Gurung for Target floral dress, Sam & Libby for Target leopard print pumps

And I’m proud to say I’ve been playing matchmaker ever since (don’t believe me? Ask the dishes, I mean other posts found here, here, and here). I don’t know what 2016 will hold for me, but I’m pretty sure it’ll involve a mixing patterns with reckless abandon.

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