…And To All A Good Night!

Fashion By Committee Christmas Eve

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and the ladies of FBC
Were all in their jammies hanging out by the tree.
Their presents were wrapped, all stacked up just right.
(With those gifts for them hidden safely out of sight.)
The ladies all wondered, what could tomorrow bring?
A new dress, a soft scarf, some killer heels, a ring?
We all love surprises as much as the next,
And having to wait made the ladies quite vexed.
And then they remembered, a thing honest and true
That the best gift to FBC is in fact YOU!

Jess FBC Christmas Eve 1

Jeanne FBC Christmas Eve 4Emily FBC Christmas EveJess FBC Christmas Eve 4Jeanne FBC Christmas Eve 3Emily FBC Christmas Eve 2Dear readers, we hope you all know how much we appreciate each and every one of you, and we wish you a fantastic holiday surrounded by love, warmth and maybe a perfect gift or two.  Be happy, be bright, and stay in your PJs til the New Year, you deserve it!

Jeanne FBC Christmas Eve (2)

Oh, and of course, Merry Christmas!

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