Jess from FBC in a Loft blouse and J Crew skirt holiday outfit

Skirt | Top | Shoes | Necklace (similar) | Bag (similar) | Lip color (in Parisian Passion)

When we were kids, my parents did a fantastic job of creating a set of holiday traditions that were meaningful, fun, and festive. We always did a big day of Christmas cookie baking (with a core set of recipes that we marched out every year), my dad always read us “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas eve, and we would all pile into the car to drive around after Christmas Eve dinner to look at all the pretty Christmas lights in the city.

Once we were a little older, my parents added another tradition, which quickly became a favorite. Every winter, they would pick a show to take us to. Not a movie (those were a tradition for another holiday) but a real, live theater performance. These ran the gamut from improv comedy to multiple renditions of A Christmas Carol to dinner theater. Extremely memorable performances included a production of White Christmas that was interrupted due to a huge piece of scenery falling down, and the time they decided that seeing Fiddler On The Roof a mere 3 months before my wedding was a great idea (if you’re familiar with the show, just picture my two very emotional parents staring at me tearfully during “Sunrise, Sunset”).
Jess4 Jess7 Jess8 Jess9


This year, they decided to mix it up a little by taking us to see Sister Act, which was a TON of fun. I got into the fun by packing all of my favorite things into one outfit – my new favorite shirt, a necklace from my husband, a purse with a bow on it, and a polka dot skirt.

What are your favorite traditions during the holidays?





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