A Little Flaky


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Things I had forgotten about Minnesota:

  • It REALLY IS further north, which means it’s dark most of the time right now. In fact, were it not for the magic of good cameras and even better photo editing wizard friends, all you would see in this picture would be darkness. It’s dark when I get up in the morning, and it’s dark when I leave work in the evening (even if I manage to sneak out early at, say, 4:30). Someone send a sun lamp, stat.
  • The air is so dry that I need to immediately run out and buy not just hand lotion, but also some stock in a reputable hand lotion company.
  • Snow creeps up on you out of nowhere. Like this past Wednesday, when it was thunderstorming (!!!), then all of a sudden it stopped thundering and started snowing the biggest, puffiest flakes you ever did see (then three seconds later it was clear and sunny, because why not). Or…. in series of pics below where I realize that actually, it’s snowing right this second as the camera clicks.

    Yup, that’s snow up there.
Just what did I think I was going to do if I managed to catch a snowflake in my hand?


I’m going to say that this outfit was a quiet nod towards the snow gods, what with the tiny white (snowflake-esque?) dots on my shirt, the snuggly scarf to ward off the cold, and the booties to keep my feet out of the muck. And when I say “a quiet nod”, please know that I mean “a desperate plea that they not drop a foot of snow on my car overnight that I have to clear off in the morning.” So far so good!


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